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Assignment Day: Discovering and Operating Effectively in Your Spiritual Gift

Posted on September 25, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (1)

          And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of     healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

                                                         Corinthians 12: 28

A few years ago I watched a movie, “City of Embers” with my grandson. The plot of the movie was about an underground city whose only power source was a generator. The older residents of the city had neglected the maintenance on the generator and the city was experiencing numerous challenges: blackouts, food shortages, and worker apathy. The city was no longer functioning properly.

The movie begins with a teenage girl, Lena rushing to get to school. It is Assignment Day at her school. This is the day that the graduating students receive their job assignments. The students are gathered in the auditorium. Some of them are on the stage with the mayor. After the mayor finishes his speech, he passes a sack around to the students and he asks them to reach into the sack and select their job assignment. Some of the students were extremely happy with their assignment. Others did not like their assignment at all.




As I was watching the movie I thought about the church and about how some Christians fail to complete the assignment that God has called them to do. It seems that even after we become aware of what we should be doing; we become like some of the characters in the movie… apathetic, sleeping on the job, or not even showing up for work. Of course, I am not referring to your 9 to 5, but the assignment that God has called you to in the body of Christ.

Maybe God is calling you to pastor a small local church or to start churches in different areas in your state. Perhaps, you are being called to start a women’s ministry, a youth ministry, or a prison ministry in your community.   Maybe, God has called you to be a prayer warrior and to intercede for others.

Maybe you are not sure about your gift or assignment, so you are not doing anything yet because you just honestly don’t know what you are supposed to do. I get that! For a while, I mostly worked with the young people in church. I taught Sunday school. I served as an usher for a long period of time. I even worked in the church nursery when my daughter was a toddler.


Then, I went through a period where I just sat and allowed my spirit to be refreshed. I think I needed that. Of course, I would participate in the women’s day program by making announcements or reading a scripture. For years, I felt lost…not knowing what God wanted me to do. I wasn’t sure where God was leading me, but I did pray a lot. I went to Bible study and to Wednesday prayer meetings. Maybe, God wanted to use me an intercessor. He calls all of us to pray. I do not sing well, so being a member of the Praise Team was not an option. I did not sense a calling to preach or continue working with the youth, so I prayed. The pastor had taught about the gifts of the spirit, but I still did understand my calling. Now, I realize that God was preparing me for something else. All that time, God was training me to minister to others through my writing. I am not a pastor, nor a minister, but I am a child of God who desires to see others operate effectively in their spiritual gifts. I am an encourager!


So, I am encouraging you to discover what God is calling you to do.